Anotha Man feat. Kozo

( Lyrics by Nao’ymt, Kozo / Music by Nao’ymt )

rap: Kozo
You got anotha man, Still playin' anotha game
I don't even know the name. Oh, damn
I gave you everything I could see
足りない?What am I supposed to be?
It's killin' me, makin' me down on my knees
You know, I never mean you should cheat on it
でも知って欲しい I'm like a rotten cheese
Won't you tease me? That's what I need

verse 1: Nao’ymt
目が合い 逸らさない
笑い合い ふざけ合い

直ぐ分かる 彼から
作れない その笑顔は

hook: Eiji
Why does anotha man touch your cheek
Why does anotha man kiss your lips
Why does anotha man stroke your hair
Why is it anotha man
Why does anotha man hold your down
Why does anotha man feel your love
Why does anotha man take your hands
Why is it anotha man

verse2: Jun
もういい この想い
振り解き 巻き戻し

でも違う そうじゃない
君の望む ただ一つ

hook: repeat

rap: Kozo
I still remember the very first impression
I got a cruch on you. It's an obsession
I wished we could be in my mansion
My tension needs a restoration
I dream about you when I'm without you
I never doubt you were meant to be mine
甘い 想い It's a little bit 重い
Cuz my love's unconditional
Girl, you know it's killin' me you got f**kin' anotha man
I still believe you're kiddin' me / You understand?
You got a call / Hell no / I was wonderin' new ornament
Damm, you got it/When?
Lemme ask you ever go to his apartment
You make love again? Is that permanent?
I'm a jealous man / Cuz you're prominent
It's a nightmare 終われこの夢

bridge: Eiji
Oh please tell me why can't you see me
彼の腕の中 眠る君の姿
Oh baby I'm goin' crazy
I don't wanna see you spend your life with anotha man

hook: repeat