( Lyrics and Music by Nao )

I remember when we used to laugh together

Nao’ymt and Eiji
Our time will soon be over
We must go our separate way
It's hard to get over you
'Cause you are everything to me
Please don't wear the smile for me
Or I will start crying
So I just wanna got to the place
Where I can see the morning sun

(I keep holding on) Whatever I can do I keep going on
(I keep holding on) Whenever I have a pain in my heart in the night
(I keep holding on) Whenever I cry and stand in the rain
(I keep holding on) Without you… without you ooh…

(I wanna thank you) I was happy to spend time with you
(I wanna thank you) Now I have the crew reassuring about me
(I wanna thank you) Thanks God for giving birth "jine"
(I wanna thank you) Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Oh thank you (thank you, thank you…)
I would never cry

I never call you
I never see you
Never can hold you
Never can kiss you
Never gonna miss you
No, no
Never gonna miss you
Never forget you