Crazy -One Love-

( Lyrics by Eiji and Nao’ymt / Music by Nao’ymt )

verse1: EIji
Clouds are floating in the sky
Really I wish I could fly
Maybe I'll can make it right
'Cause you're by my side

Baby sometimes I couldn't sleep till dawn
I had some problems and I felt alone
You let me know my hope would not be gone
You make me strong

hook: Eiji
I won't ever change my mind
How can I live without your smile
There is nothing more important than you in my life
No one's gonna love me like you do
Whenever you feel the sky is fallin' down
Oh tell me
Promise I'll never leave your side
I don't wanna see you cry
Your love drives me crazy

bridge: Eiji
We couldn't find a way so long
Now we can share pleasure and sorrow
I don't go nowhere
Even if the sky falls,  the world is cold
I'll never leave you alone

hook: repeat

break: Eiji
二人でいれば 超えられるから
沈む空さえ 怖くないから

outro: Eiji
I wanna be with you
I wanna stay with you
No matter what we do
We're sure to make it through

I need your love in my life
I don't wanna see you cry
Your love drives me crazy